The New Way to Learn, Study and Grow

Our one and the only aim is to provide all your learning needs at one place from books to notes and everything So learn, grow, share and help others grow.


Get hand written or other digital notes by sharing and accessing shared data.


We'll be soon providing a platform for sharing hard and soft books.


You can share all your video lectures through youtube links and other online links are supported.

Who We Are

We are a group of intellectuals who wish to educate and learn from others experience.The reason why the world is growing is because of the peace and the education in the minds of people who want to grow.


The company is named after my Grandfather and My Grandmother Sh. Iqbal Nath Gupta and Geeta Gupta.Both have been a source of inspiration to me and I've grown up following the path they've shown.And I'm blessed to have them in my life and I'll thank god for blessing me with such great Grand parents and Parents.